1. cis7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  2. cis7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  3. cis7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  4. cle7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  5. cle7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  6. cle7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  7. elmsmedia7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  8. elmsmedia7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  9. elmsmedia7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  10. icor7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  11. icor7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  12. icor7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  13. meedjum_blog7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  14. meedjum_blog7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  15. meedjum_blog7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  16. mooc7 update.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  17. mooc7 authorize.php MAINTENANCE_MODE
  18. mooc7 install.php MAINTENANCE_MODE

Global flag to identify update.php and authorize.php runs.

Identifies update.php and authorize.php runs, avoiding unwanted operations such as hook_init() and hook_exit() invokes, css/js preprocessing and translation, and solves some theming issues. The flag is checked in other places in Drupal code (not just authorize.php).


./authorize.php, line 36
Administrative script for running authorized file operations.


define('MAINTENANCE_MODE', 'update')



Error message

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