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cis7 get_t()
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mooc7 get_t()

Returns the name of the proper localization function.

get_t() exists to support localization for code that might run during the installation phase, when some elements of the system might not have loaded.

This would include implementations of hook_install(), which could run during the Drupal installation phase, and might also be run during non-installation time, such as while installing the module from the the module administration page.

Example usage:

  $t = get_t();
  $translated = $t('translate this');

Use t() if your code will never run during the Drupal installation phase. Use st() if your code will only run during installation and never any other time. Use get_t() if your code could run in either circumstance.

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includes/, line 2635
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function get_t() {
  static $t;
  // This is not converted to drupal_static because there is no point in
  // resetting this as it can not change in the course of a request.
  if (!isset($t)) {
    $t = drupal_installation_attempted() ? 'st' : 't';
  return $t;



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