function timer_read

cis7 timer_read($name)
cle7 timer_read($name)
elmsmedia7 timer_read($name)
icor7 timer_read($name)
meedjum_blog7 timer_read($name)
mooc7 timer_read($name)

Reads the current timer value without stopping the timer.


$name: The name of the timer.

Return value

The current timer value in ms.

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includes/, line 476
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function timer_read($name) {
  global $timers;

  if (isset($timers[$name]['start'])) {
    $stop = microtime(TRUE);
    $diff = round(($stop - $timers[$name]['start']) * 1000, 2);

    if (isset($timers[$name]['time'])) {
      $diff += $timers[$name]['time'];
    return $diff;
  return $timers[$name]['time'];



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