function cache_get

cis7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')
cle7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')
elmsmedia7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')
icor7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')
meedjum_blog7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')
mooc7 cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache')

Returns data from the persistent cache.

Data may be stored as either plain text or as serialized data. cache_get will automatically return unserialized objects and arrays.


$cid: The cache ID of the data to retrieve.

$bin: The cache bin to store the data in. Valid core values are 'cache_block', 'cache_bootstrap', 'cache_field', 'cache_filter', 'cache_form', 'cache_menu', 'cache_page', 'cache_path', 'cache_update' or 'cache' for the default cache.

Return value

The cache or FALSE on failure.

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includes/, line 55
Functions and interfaces for cache handling.


function cache_get($cid, $bin = 'cache') {
  return _cache_get_object($bin)->get($cid);