function debug

cis7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)
cle7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)
icor7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)
mooc7 debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE)

Outputs debug information.

The debug information is passed on to trigger_error() after being converted to a string using _drupal_debug_message().


$data: Data to be output.

$label: Label to prefix the data.

$print_r: Flag to switch between print_r() and var_export() for data conversion to string. Set $print_r to TRUE when dealing with a recursive data structure as var_export() will generate an error.

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includes/, line 7515
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function debug($data, $label = NULL, $print_r = FALSE) {
  // Print $data contents to string.
  $string = check_plain($print_r ? print_r($data, TRUE) : var_export($data, TRUE));

  // Display values with pre-formatting to increase readability.
  $string = '<pre>' . $string . '</pre>';

  trigger_error(trim($label ? "$label: $string" : $string));



Error message

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