function drupal_sort_weight

cis7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)
cle7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)
elmsmedia7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)
icor7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)
meedjum_blog7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)
mooc7 drupal_sort_weight($a, $b)

Sorts a structured array by the 'weight' element.

Note that the sorting is by the 'weight' array element, not by the render element property '#weight'.

Callback for uasort() used in various functions.


$a: First item for comparison. The compared items should be associative arrays that optionally include a 'weight' element. For items without a 'weight' element, a default value of 0 will be used.

$b: Second item for comparison.

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includes/, line 6356
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function drupal_sort_weight($a, $b) {
  $a_weight = (is_array($a) && isset($a['weight'])) ? $a['weight'] : 0;
  $b_weight = (is_array($b) && isset($b['weight'])) ? $b['weight'] : 0;
  if ($a_weight == $b_weight) {
    return 0;
  return ($a_weight < $b_weight) ? -1 : 1;



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