function entity_label

cis7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)
cle7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)
elmsmedia7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)
icor7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)
meedjum_blog7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)
mooc7 entity_label($entity_type, $entity)

Returns the label of an entity.

See the 'label callback' component of the hook_entity_info() return value for more information.


$entity_type: The entity type; e.g., 'node' or 'user'.

$entity: The entity for which to generate the label.

Return value

The entity label, or FALSE if not found.

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includes/, line 7943
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function entity_label($entity_type, $entity) {
  $label = FALSE;
  $info = entity_get_info($entity_type);
  if (isset($info['label callback']) && function_exists($info['label callback'])) {
    $label = $info['label callback']($entity, $entity_type);
  elseif (!empty($info['entity keys']['label']) && isset($entity->{$info['entity keys']['label']})) {
    $label = $entity->{$info['entity keys']['label']};

  return $label;



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