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cis7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())
cle7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())
elmsmedia7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())
icor7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())
meedjum_blog7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())
mooc7 format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array())

Formats a string containing a count of items.

This function ensures that the string is pluralized correctly. Since t() is called by this function, make sure not to pass already-localized strings to it.

For example:

  $output = format_plural($node->comment_count, '1 comment', '@count comments');

Example with additional replacements:

  $output = format_plural($update_count,
    'Changed the content type of 1 post from %old-type to %new-type.',
    'Changed the content type of @count posts from %old-type to %new-type.',
    array('%old-type' => $info->old_type, '%new-type' => $info->new_type));


$count: The item count to display.

$singular: The string for the singular case. Make sure it is clear this is singular, to ease translation (e.g. use "1 new comment" instead of "1 new"). Do not use @count in the singular string.

$plural: The string for the plural case. Make sure it is clear this is plural, to ease translation. Use @count in place of the item count, as in "@count new comments".

$args: An associative array of replacements to make after translation. Instances of any key in this array are replaced with the corresponding value. Based on the first character of the key, the value is escaped and/or themed. See format_string(). Note that you do not need to include @count in this array; this replacement is done automatically for the plural case.

$options: An associative array of additional options. See t() for allowed keys.

Return value

A translated string.

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includes/, line 1805
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function format_plural($count, $singular, $plural, array $args = array(), array $options = array()) {
  $args['@count'] = $count;
  if ($count == 1) {
    return t($singular, $args, $options);

  // Get the plural index through the gettext formula.
  $index = (function_exists('locale_get_plural')) ? locale_get_plural($count, isset($options['langcode']) ? $options['langcode'] : NULL) : -1;
  // If the index cannot be computed, use the plural as a fallback (which
  // allows for most flexiblity with the replaceable @count value).
  if ($index < 0) {
    return t($plural, $args, $options);
  else {
    switch ($index) {
      case "0":
        return t($singular, $args, $options);
      case "1":
        return t($plural, $args, $options);
        $args['@count[' . $index . ']'] = $count;
        return t(strtr($plural, array('@count' => '@count[' . $index . ']')), $args, $options);



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