function db_delete

cis7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())
cle7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())
elmsmedia7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())
icor7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())
meedjum_blog7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())
mooc7 db_delete($table, array $options = array())

Returns a new DeleteQuery object for the active database.


$table: The table from which to delete.

$options: An array of options to control how the query operates.

Return value

DeleteQuery A new DeleteQuery object for this connection.

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includes/database/, line 2477
Core systems for the database layer.


function db_delete($table, array $options = array()) {
  if (empty($options['target']) || $options['target'] == 'slave') {
    $options['target'] = 'default';
  return Database::getConnection($options['target'])->delete($table, $options);