function db_like


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cis7 db_like($string)
cle7 db_like($string)
elmsmedia7 db_like($string)
icor7 db_like($string)
meedjum_blog7 db_like($string)
mooc7 db_like($string)

Escapes characters that work as wildcard characters in a LIKE pattern.

The wildcard characters "%" and "_" as well as backslash are prefixed with a backslash. Use this to do a search for a verbatim string without any wildcard behavior.

For example, the following does a case-insensitive query for all rows whose name starts with $prefix:

$result = db_query(
  'SELECT * FROM person WHERE name LIKE :pattern',
  array(':pattern' => db_like($prefix) . '%')

Backslash is defined as escape character for LIKE patterns in DatabaseCondition::mapConditionOperator().


$string: The string to escape.

Return value

The escaped string.

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includes/database/, line 2610
Core systems for the database layer.


function db_like($string) {
  return Database::getConnection()->escapeLike($string);



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