interface QueryPlaceholderInterface


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  1. cis7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface
  2. cle7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface
  3. elmsmedia7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface
  4. icor7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface
  5. meedjum_blog7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface
  6. mooc7 includes/database/ QueryPlaceholderInterface

Interface for a query that accepts placeholders.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
QueryPlaceholderInterface::nextPlaceholder public function Returns the next placeholder ID for the query.
QueryPlaceholderInterface::uniqueIdentifier public function Returns a unique identifier for this object.


includes/database/, line 253
Non-specific Database query code. Used by all engines.

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interface QueryPlaceholderInterface {

   * Returns a unique identifier for this object.
  public function uniqueIdentifier();

   * Returns the next placeholder ID for the query.
   * @return
   *   The next available placeholder ID as an integer.
  public function nextPlaceholder();

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