28 calls to drupal_basename()

color_scheme_form_submit in modules/color/color.module
Form submission handler for color_scheme_form().
DrupalLocalStreamWrapper::getLocalPath in includes/stream_wrappers.inc
Returns the canonical absolute path of the URI, if possible.
DrupalLocalStreamWrapper::getMimeType in includes/stream_wrappers.inc
Base implementation of getMimeType().
drupal_get_css in includes/common.inc
Returns a themed representation of all stylesheets to attach to the page.
drupal_tempnam in includes/file.inc
Creates a file with a unique filename in the specified directory.
drush_feeds_import in sites/all/modules/ulmus/feeds/feeds.drush.inc
Imports a given feed_name.
FileTransfer::copyDirectoryJailed in includes/filetransfer/filetransfer.inc
Copies a directory.
FileTransfer::findChroot in includes/filetransfer/filetransfer.inc
Return the chroot property for this connection.
file_copy in includes/file.inc
Copies a file to a new location and adds a file record to the database.
file_destination in includes/file.inc
Determines the destination path for a file.
file_move in includes/file.inc
Moves a file to a new location and update the file's database entry.
file_save_data in includes/file.inc
Saves a file to the specified destination and creates a database entry.
file_save_upload in includes/file.inc
Saves a file upload to a new location.
file_unmanaged_copy in includes/file.inc
Copies a file to a new location without invoking the file API.
file_uri_to_object in sites/all/modules/ulmus/file_entity/file_entity.file_api.inc
Returns a file object which can be passed to file_save().
LocalFolderProvider::generateImage in sites/all/modules/ulmus/devel_image_provider/plugins/devel_image_provider/provider/LocalFolderProvider.class.php
Image generation handler.
lti_tool_provider_create_account in sites/all/modules/ulmus/lti_tool_provider/lti_tool_provider.module
Provision a user account from the lti_info.
mfw_file_save_upload in sites/all/modules/ulmus/multiupload_filefield_widget/multiupload_filefield_widget.module
Saves a file upload to a new location.
simpletest_result_form in modules/simpletest/simpletest.pages.inc
Test results form for $test_id.
system_retrieve_file in modules/system/system.module
Attempts to get a file using drupal_http_request and to store it locally.
Updater::findInfoFile in includes/updater.inc
Figure out what the most important (or only) info file is in a directory.
Updater::getProjectName in includes/updater.inc
Get the name of the project directory (basename).
update_manager_file_get in modules/update/update.manager.inc
Copies a file from the specified URL to the temporary directory for updates.
update_verify_update_archive in modules/update/update.module
Implements hook_verify_update_archive().
user_update_7012 in modules/user/user.install
Add the user's pictures to the {file_managed} table and make them managed files.
_color_html_alter in modules/color/color.module
Replaces style sheets with color-altered style sheets.
_color_render_images in modules/color/color.module
Renders images that match a given palette.
_locale_batch_import in includes/locale.inc
Perform interface translation import as a batch step.



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