function file_validate_size


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cis7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)
cle7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)
elmsmedia7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)
icor7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)
meedjum_blog7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)
mooc7 file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0)

Checks that the file's size is below certain limits.

This check is not enforced for the user #1.


$file: A Drupal file object.

$file_limit: An integer specifying the maximum file size in bytes. Zero indicates that no limit should be enforced.

$user_limit: An integer specifying the maximum number of bytes the user is allowed. Zero indicates that no limit should be enforced.

Return value

An array. If the file size exceeds limits, it will contain an error message.

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includes/, line 1743
API for handling file uploads and server file management.


function file_validate_size(stdClass $file, $file_limit = 0, $user_limit = 0) {
  global $user;

  $errors = array();

  // Bypass validation for uid  = 1.
  if ($user->uid != 1) {
    if ($file_limit && $file->filesize > $file_limit) {
      $errors[] = t('The file is %filesize exceeding the maximum file size of %maxsize.', array('%filesize' => format_size($file->filesize), '%maxsize' => format_size($file_limit)));

    // Save a query by only calling file_space_used() when a limit is provided.
    if ($user_limit && (file_space_used($user->uid) + $file->filesize) > $user_limit) {
      $errors[] = t('The file is %filesize which would exceed your disk quota of %quota.', array('%filesize' => format_size($file->filesize), '%quota' => format_size($user_limit)));
  return $errors;



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