function _form_set_class


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cis7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())
cle7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())
elmsmedia7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())
icor7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())
meedjum_blog7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())
mooc7 _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array())

Sets a form element's class attribute.

Adds 'required' and 'error' classes as needed.


$element: The form element.

$name: Array of new class names to be added.

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includes/, line 4207
Functions for form and batch generation and processing.


function _form_set_class(&$element, $class = array()) {
  if (!empty($class)) {
    if (!isset($element['#attributes']['class'])) {
      $element['#attributes']['class'] = array();
    $element['#attributes']['class'] = array_merge($element['#attributes']['class'], $class);
  // This function is invoked from form element theme functions, but the
  // rendered form element may not necessarily have been processed by
  // form_builder().
  if (!empty($element['#required'])) {
    $element['#attributes']['class'][] = 'required';
  if (isset($element['#parents']) && form_get_error($element) !== NULL && !empty($element['#validated'])) {
    $element['#attributes']['class'][] = 'error';



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