function form_get_error


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cis7 form_get_error($element)
cle7 form_get_error($element)
elmsmedia7 form_get_error($element)
icor7 form_get_error($element)
meedjum_blog7 form_get_error($element)
mooc7 form_get_error($element)

Returns the error message filed against the given form element.

Form errors higher up in the form structure override deeper errors as well as errors on the element itself.

Related topics

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Sets a form element's class attribute.
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Element validation function; validate focus_min_size.


includes/, line 1683
Functions for form and batch generation and processing.


function form_get_error($element) {
  $form = form_set_error();
  $parents = array();
  foreach ($element['#parents'] as $parent) {
    $parents[] = $parent;
    $key = implode('][', $parents);
    if (isset($form[$key])) {
      return $form[$key];



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