function language_negotiation_get_any


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cis7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)
cle7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)
elmsmedia7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)
icor7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)
meedjum_blog7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)
mooc7 language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id)

Checks if the language negotiation provider is enabled for any language type.


$provider_id: The language negotiation provider ID.

Return value

TRUE if there is at least one language type for which the given language provider is enabled, FALSE otherwise.

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includes/, line 258
Language Negotiation API.


function language_negotiation_get_any($provider_id) {
  foreach (language_types_configurable() as $type) {
    if (language_negotiation_get($type, $provider_id)) {
      return TRUE;

  return FALSE;



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