Automatic interface translation import

  1. cis7 includes/ locale-autoimport
  2. cle7 includes/ locale-autoimport
  3. elmsmedia7 includes/ locale-autoimport
  4. icor7 includes/ locale-autoimport
  5. meedjum_blog7 includes/ locale-autoimport
  6. mooc7 includes/ locale-autoimport

Functions to create batches for importing translations.

These functions can be used to import translations for installed modules.


Namesort descending Location Description
locale_batch_by_component includes/ Prepare a batch to run when installing modules or enabling themes.
locale_batch_by_language includes/ Prepare a batch to import translations for all enabled modules in a given language.
_locale_batch_build includes/ Build a locale batch from an array of files.
_locale_batch_import includes/ Perform interface translation import as a batch step.
_locale_batch_language_finished includes/ Finished callback of language addition locale import batch. Inform the user of translation files imported.
_locale_batch_system_finished includes/ Finished callback of system page locale import batch. Inform the user of translation files imported.


includes/, line 2183
Administration functions for locale.module.




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