function _lock_id


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cis7 _lock_id()
cle7 _lock_id()
elmsmedia7 _lock_id()
icor7 _lock_id()
meedjum_blog7 _lock_id()
mooc7 _lock_id()

Helper function to get this request's unique id.

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Get a lock so background calls work.
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Acquire (or renew) a lock, but do not block if it fails.
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includes/, line 76
A database-mediated implementation of a locking mechanism.


function _lock_id() {
  // Do not use drupal_static(). This identifier refers to the current
  // client request, and must not be changed under any circumstances
  // else the shutdown handler may fail to release our locks.
  static $lock_id;

  if (!isset($lock_id)) {
    // Assign a unique id.
    $lock_id = uniqid(mt_rand(), TRUE);
    // We only register a shutdown function if a lock is used.
    drupal_register_shutdown_function('lock_release_all', $lock_id);
  return $lock_id;