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cis7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)
cle7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)
elmsmedia7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)
icor7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)
meedjum_blog7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)
mooc7 _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu)

Builds menu links for the items in the menu router.

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menu_rebuild in includes/
Populates the database tables used by various menu functions.


includes/, line 2820
API for the Drupal menu system.


function _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu) {
  // Add normal and suggested items as links.
  $menu_links = array();
  foreach ($menu as $path => $item) {
    if ($item['_visible']) {
      $menu_links[$path] = $item;
      $sort[$path] = $item['_number_parts'];
  if ($menu_links) {
    // Keep an array of processed menu links, to allow menu_link_save() to
    // check this for parents instead of querying the database.
    $parent_candidates = array();
    // Make sure no child comes before its parent.
    array_multisort($sort, SORT_NUMERIC, $menu_links);

    foreach ($menu_links as $key => $item) {
      $existing_item = db_select('menu_links')->fields('menu_links')->condition('link_path', $item['path'])->condition('module', 'system')->execute()->fetchAssoc();
      if ($existing_item) {
        $item['mlid'] = $existing_item['mlid'];
        // A change in hook_menu may move the link to a different menu
        if (empty($item['menu_name']) || ($item['menu_name'] == $existing_item['menu_name'])) {
          $item['menu_name'] = $existing_item['menu_name'];
          $item['plid'] = $existing_item['plid'];
        else {
          // It moved to a new menu. Let menu_link_save() try to find a new
          // parent based on the path.
        $item['has_children'] = $existing_item['has_children'];
        $item['updated'] = $existing_item['updated'];
      if ($existing_item && $existing_item['customized']) {
        $parent_candidates[$existing_item['mlid']] = $existing_item;
      else {
        $item = _menu_link_build($item);
        menu_link_save($item, $existing_item, $parent_candidates);
        $parent_candidates[$item['mlid']] = $item;
  $paths = array_keys($menu);
  // Updated and customized items whose router paths are gone need new ones.
  $result = db_select('menu_links', NULL, array('fetch' => PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))->fields('menu_links', array(
  ))->condition(db_or()->condition('updated', 1)->condition(db_and()->condition('router_path', $paths, 'NOT IN')->condition('external', 0)->condition('customized', 1)))->execute();
  foreach ($result as $item) {
    $router_path = _menu_find_router_path($item['link_path']);
    if (!empty($router_path) && ($router_path != $item['router_path'] || $item['updated'])) {
      // If the router path and the link path matches, it's surely a working
      // item, so we clear the updated flag.
      $updated = $item['updated'] && $router_path != $item['link_path'];
        'router_path' => $router_path,
        'updated' => (int) $updated,
      ))->condition('mlid', $item['mlid'])->execute();
  // Find any item whose router path does not exist any more.
  $result = db_select('menu_links')->fields('menu_links')->condition('router_path', $paths, 'NOT IN')->condition('external', 0)->condition('updated', 0)->condition('customized', 0)->orderBy('depth', 'DESC')->execute();
  // Remove all such items. Starting from those with the greatest depth will
  // minimize the amount of re-parenting done by menu_link_delete().
  foreach ($result as $item) {
    _menu_delete_item($item, TRUE);



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