function _menu_tree_check_access


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cis7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)
cle7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)
elmsmedia7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)
icor7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)
meedjum_blog7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)
mooc7 _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree)

Sorts the menu tree and recursively checks access for each item.

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1 call to _menu_tree_check_access()
menu_tree_check_access in includes/
Checks access and performs dynamic operations for each link in the tree.


includes/, line 1508
API for the Drupal menu system.


function _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree) {
  $new_tree = array();
  foreach ($tree as $key => $v) {
    $item = &$tree[$key]['link'];
    if ($item['access'] || ($item['in_active_trail'] && strpos($item['href'], '%') !== FALSE)) {
      if ($tree[$key]['below']) {
      // The weights are made a uniform 5 digits by adding 50000 as an offset.
      // After _menu_link_translate(), $item['title'] has the localized link title.
      // Adding the mlid to the end of the index insures that it is unique.
      $new_tree[(50000 + $item['weight']) . ' ' . $item['title'] . ' ' . $item['mlid']] = $tree[$key];
  // Sort siblings in the tree based on the weights and localized titles.
  $tree = $new_tree;



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