function menu_delete_links


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cis7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)
cle7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)
elmsmedia7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)
icor7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)
meedjum_blog7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)
mooc7 menu_delete_links($menu_name)

Deletes all links for a menu.


$menu_name: The name of the menu whose links will be deleted.

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includes/, line 2976
API for the Drupal menu system.


function menu_delete_links($menu_name) {
  $links = menu_load_links($menu_name);
  foreach ($links as $link) {
    // To speed up the deletion process, we reset some link properties that
    // would trigger re-parenting logic in _menu_delete_item() and
    // _menu_update_parental_status().
    $link['has_children'] = FALSE;
    $link['plid'] = 0;



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