function aggregator_page_source

cis7 aggregator_page_source($feed)
cle7 aggregator_page_source($feed)
elmsmedia7 aggregator_page_source($feed)
icor7 aggregator_page_source($feed)
meedjum_blog7 aggregator_page_source($feed)
mooc7 aggregator_page_source($feed)

Page callback: Displays all the items captured from the particular feed.


$feed: The feed for which to display all items.

Return value

The rendered list of items for a feed.

See also


1 call to aggregator_page_source()
aggregator_page_source_form in modules/aggregator/
Page callback: Displays a form with all items captured from a feed.
1 string reference to 'aggregator_page_source'
aggregator_menu in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Implements hook_menu().


modules/aggregator/, line 33
User page callbacks for the Aggregator module.


function aggregator_page_source($feed) {
  $feed_source = theme('aggregator_feed_source', array('feed' => $feed));

  // It is safe to include the fid in the query because it's loaded from the
  // database by aggregator_feed_load.
  $items = aggregator_feed_items_load('source', $feed);

  return _aggregator_page_list($items, arg(3), $feed_source);