function theme_aggregator_page_rss


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cis7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)
cle7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)
elmsmedia7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)
icor7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)
meedjum_blog7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)
mooc7 theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables)

Prints the RSS page for a feed.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • feeds: An array of the feeds to theme.
  • category: A common category, if any, for all the feeds.

Return value


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modules/aggregator/, line 433
User page callbacks for the Aggregator module.


function theme_aggregator_page_rss($variables) {
  $feeds = $variables['feeds'];
  $category = $variables['category'];

  drupal_add_http_header('Content-Type', 'application/rss+xml; charset=utf-8');

  $items = '';
  $feed_length = variable_get('feed_item_length', 'fulltext');
  foreach ($feeds as $feed) {
    switch ($feed_length) {
      case 'teaser':
        $summary = text_summary($feed->description, NULL, variable_get('aggregator_teaser_length', 600));
        if ($summary != $feed->description) {
          $summary .= '<p><a href="' . check_url($feed->link) . '">' . t('read more') . "</a></p>\n";
        $feed->description = $summary;
      case 'title':
        $feed->description = '';
    $items .= format_rss_item($feed->ftitle . ': ' . $feed->title, $feed->link, $feed->description, array('pubDate' => date('r', $feed->timestamp)));

  $site_name = variable_get('site_name', 'Drupal');
  $url = url((isset($category) ? 'aggregator/categories/' . $category->cid : 'aggregator'), array('absolute' => TRUE));
  $description = isset($category) ? t('@site_name - aggregated feeds in category @title', array('@site_name' => $site_name, '@title' => $category->title)) : t('@site_name - aggregated feeds', array('@site_name' => $site_name));

  $output = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>\n";
  $output .= "<rss version=\"2.0\">\n";
  $output .= format_rss_channel(t('@site_name aggregator', array('@site_name' => $site_name)), $url, $description, $items);
  $output .= "</rss>\n";

  print $output;



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