function theme_comment_block


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User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: theme/theme. For information about how to fix this, see the documentation page. in _drupal_trigger_error_with_delayed_logging() (line 1156 of /var/www/html/elmsln_community/
cis7 comment.module theme_comment_block()
cle7 comment.module theme_comment_block()
elmsmedia7 comment.module theme_comment_block()
icor7 comment.module theme_comment_block()
meedjum_blog7 comment.module theme_comment_block()
mooc7 comment.module theme_comment_block()

Returns HTML for a list of recent comments to be displayed in the comment block.

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modules/comment/comment.module, line 597
Enables users to comment on published content.


function theme_comment_block() {
  $items = array();
  $number = variable_get('comment_block_count', 10);
  foreach (comment_get_recent($number) as $comment) {
    $items[] = l($comment->subject, 'comment/' . $comment->cid, array('fragment' => 'comment-' . $comment->cid)) . '&nbsp;<span>' . t('@time ago', array('@time' => format_interval(REQUEST_TIME - $comment->changed))) . '</span>';

  if ($items) {
    return theme('item_list', array('items' => $items));
  else {
    return t('No comments available.');