function field_info_field


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cis7 field_info_field($field_name)
cle7 field_info_field($field_name)
elmsmedia7 field_info_field($field_name)
icor7 field_info_field($field_name)
meedjum_blog7 field_info_field($field_name)
mooc7 field_info_field($field_name)

Returns data about an individual field, given a field name.


$field_name: The name of the field to retrieve. $field_name can only refer to a non-deleted, active field. For deleted fields, use field_info_field_by_id(). To retrieve information about inactive fields, use field_read_fields().

Return value

The field array, as returned by field_read_fields(), with an additional element 'bundles', whose value is an array of all the bundles this field belongs to keyed by entity type. NULL if the field was not found.

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modules/field/, line 518
Field Info API, providing information about available fields and field types.


function field_info_field($field_name) {
  $cache = _field_info_field_cache();
  return $cache->getField($field_name);