function _file_field_get_description_from_element

cis7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)
cle7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)
elmsmedia7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)
icor7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)
meedjum_blog7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)
mooc7 _file_field_get_description_from_element($element)

Retrieves the file description from a field field element.

This helper function is used by file_field_widget_process_multiple().


$element: The element being processed.

Return value

A description of the file suitable for use in the administrative interface.

2 calls to _file_field_get_description_from_element()
file_field_widget_process_multiple in modules/file/
An element #process callback for a group of file_generic fields.
mfw_field_widget_process_multiple in sites/all/modules/ulmus/multiupload_filefield_widget/
An element #process callback for a group of mfw_file fields.


modules/file/, line 732
Field module functionality for the File module.


function _file_field_get_description_from_element($element) {
  // Use the actual file description, if it's available.
  if (!empty($element['#default_value']['description'])) {
    return $element['#default_value']['description'];
  // Otherwise, fall back to the filename.
  if (!empty($element['#default_value']['filename'])) {
    return $element['#default_value']['filename'];
  // This is probably a newly uploaded file; no description is available.
  return FALSE;



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