function filter_list_format

cis7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)
cle7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)
elmsmedia7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)
icor7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)
meedjum_blog7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)
mooc7 filter.module filter_list_format($format_id)

Retrieves a list of filters for a given text format.

Note that this function returns all associated filters regardless of whether they are enabled or disabled. All functions working with the filter information outside of filter administration should test for $filter->status before performing actions with the filter.


$format_id: The format ID to retrieve filters for.

Return value

An array of filter objects associated to the given text format, keyed by filter name.

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modules/filter/filter.module, line 691
Framework for handling the filtering of content.


function filter_list_format($format_id) {
  $filters = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
  $filter_info = filter_get_filters();

  if (!isset($filters['all'])) {
    if ($cache = cache_get('filter_list_format')) {
      $filters['all'] = $cache->data;
    else {
      $result = db_query('SELECT * FROM {filter} ORDER BY weight, module, name');
      foreach ($result as $record) {
        $filters['all'][$record->format][$record->name] = $record;
      cache_set('filter_list_format', $filters['all']);

  if (!isset($filters[$format_id])) {
    $format_filters = array();
    $filter_map = isset($filters['all'][$format_id]) ? $filters['all'][$format_id] : array();
    foreach ($filter_map as $name => $filter) {
      if (isset($filter_info[$name])) {
        $filter->title = $filter_info[$name]['title'];
        // Unpack stored filter settings.
        $filter->settings = (isset($filter->settings) ? unserialize($filter->settings) : array());
        // Merge in default settings.
        if (isset($filter_info[$name]['default settings'])) {
          $filter->settings += $filter_info[$name]['default settings'];

        $format_filters[$name] = $filter;
    $filters[$format_id] = $format_filters;

  return isset($filters[$format_id]) ? $filters[$format_id] : array();