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cis7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)
cle7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)
elmsmedia7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)
icor7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)
meedjum_blog7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)
mooc7 image.module theme_image_style($variables)

Returns HTML for an image using a specific image style.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • style_name: The name of the style to be used to alter the original image.
  • path: The path of the image file relative to the Drupal files directory. This function does not work with images outside the files directory nor with remotely hosted images. This should be in a format such as 'images/image.jpg', or using a stream wrapper such as 'public://images/image.jpg'.
  • width: The width of the source image (if known).
  • height: The height of the source image (if known).
  • alt: The alternative text for text-based browsers.
  • title: The title text is displayed when the image is hovered in some popular browsers.
  • attributes: Associative array of attributes to be placed in the img tag.

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modules/image/image.module, line 1346
Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.


function theme_image_style($variables) {
  // Determine the dimensions of the styled image.
  $dimensions = array(
    'width' => $variables['width'],
    'height' => $variables['height'],

  image_style_transform_dimensions($variables['style_name'], $dimensions);

  $variables['width'] = $dimensions['width'];
  $variables['height'] = $dimensions['height'];

  // Determine the URL for the styled image.
  $variables['path'] = image_style_url($variables['style_name'], $variables['path']);
  return theme('image', $variables);



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