function menu_get_menus

cis7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)
cle7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)
elmsmedia7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)
icor7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)
meedjum_blog7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)
mooc7 menu.module menu_get_menus($all = TRUE)

Return an associative array of the custom menus names.


$all: If FALSE return only user-added menus, or if TRUE also include the menus defined by the system.

Return value

An array with the machine-readable names as the keys, and human-readable titles as the values.

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Build a human-readable option list for all non-empty menus. Custom menus and book menus are included if the respective modules are enabled.


modules/menu/menu.module, line 783
Allows administrators to customize the site's navigation menus.


function menu_get_menus($all = TRUE) {
  if ($custom_menus = menu_load_all()) {
    if (!$all) {
      $custom_menus = array_diff_key($custom_menus, menu_list_system_menus());
    foreach ($custom_menus as $menu_name => $menu) {
      $custom_menus[$menu_name] = t($menu['title']);
  return $custom_menus;



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