function menu_load_all

cis7 menu.module menu_load_all()
cle7 menu.module menu_load_all()
elmsmedia7 menu.module menu_load_all()
icor7 menu.module menu_load_all()
meedjum_blog7 menu.module menu_load_all()
mooc7 menu.module menu_load_all()

Load all custom menu data.

Return value

Array of custom menu data.

2 calls to menu_load_all()
menu_get_menus in modules/menu/menu.module
Return an associative array of the custom menus names.
menu_load in modules/menu/menu.module
Load the data for a single custom menu.
1 string reference to 'menu_load_all'
menu_reset_static_cache in includes/
Resets the menu system static cache.


modules/menu/menu.module, line 230
Allows administrators to customize the site's navigation menus.


function menu_load_all() {
  $custom_menus = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (!isset($custom_menus)) {
    if ($cached = cache_get('menu_custom', 'cache_menu')) {
      $custom_menus = $cached->data;
    else {
      $custom_menus = db_query('SELECT * FROM {menu_custom}')->fetchAllAssoc('menu_name', PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
      cache_set('menu_custom', $custom_menus, 'cache_menu');
  return $custom_menus;



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