function _node_index_node

cis7 node.module _node_index_node($node)
cle7 node.module _node_index_node($node)
elmsmedia7 node.module _node_index_node($node)
icor7 node.module _node_index_node($node)
meedjum_blog7 node.module _node_index_node($node)
mooc7 node.module _node_index_node($node)

Indexes a single node.


$node: The node to index.

1 call to _node_index_node()
node_update_index in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_update_index().


modules/node/node.module, line 2777
The core that allows content to be submitted to the site. Modules and scripts may programmatically submit nodes using the usual form API pattern.


function _node_index_node($node) {
  $node = node_load($node->nid);

  // Save the changed time of the most recent indexed node, for the search
  // results half-life calculation.
  variable_set('node_cron_last', $node->changed);

  // Render the node.
  $build = node_view($node, 'search_index');
  $node->rendered = drupal_render($build);

  $text = '<h1>' . check_plain($node->title) . '</h1>' . $node->rendered;

  // Fetch extra data normally not visible
  $extra = module_invoke_all('node_update_index', $node);
  foreach ($extra as $t) {
    $text .= $t;

  // Update index
  search_index($node->nid, 'node', $text);