function node_load

cis7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)
cle7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)
icor7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)
mooc7 node.module node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE)

Loads a node object from the database.


$nid: The node ID.

$vid: The revision ID.

$reset: Whether to reset the node_load_multiple cache.

Return value

A fully-populated node object, or FALSE if the node is not found.

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modules/node/node.module, line 962
The core that allows content to be submitted to the site. Modules and scripts may programmatically submit nodes using the usual form API pattern.


function node_load($nid = NULL, $vid = NULL, $reset = FALSE) {
  $nids = (isset($nid) ? array($nid) : array());
  $conditions = (isset($vid) ? array('vid' => $vid) : array());
  $node = node_load_multiple($nids, $conditions, $reset);
  return $node ? reset($node) : FALSE;



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