function overlay_supplemental_regions

cis7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()
cle7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()
elmsmedia7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()
icor7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()
meedjum_blog7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()
mooc7 overlay.module overlay_supplemental_regions()

Returns a list of supplemental page regions for the overlay.

Supplemental overlay regions are those which are technically part of the parent window, but appear to the user as being related to the overlay (usually because they are displayed next to, rather than underneath, the main overlay regions) and therefore need to be dynamically refreshed if any administrative actions taken within the overlay change their contents.

An example of a typical overlay supplemental region would be the 'page_top' region, in the case where a toolbar is being displayed there.

Return value

An array of region names that correspond to supplemental overlay regions, within the theme that is being used to display the current page.

See also


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modules/overlay/overlay.module, line 776
Displays the Drupal administration interface in an overlay.


function overlay_supplemental_regions() {
  return _overlay_region_list('overlay_supplemental_regions');



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