public static function DrupalQueue::get

cis7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)
cle7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)
icor7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)
mooc7 public static DrupalQueue::get($name, $reliable = FALSE)

Returns the queue object for a given name.

The following variables can be set by variable_set or $conf overrides:

  • queue_class_$name: the class to be used for the queue $name.
  • queue_default_class: the class to use when queue_class_$name is not defined. Defaults to SystemQueue, a reliable backend using SQL.
  • queue_default_reliable_class: the class to use when queue_class_$name is not defined and the queue_default_class is not reliable. Defaults to SystemQueue.


$name: Arbitrary string. The name of the queue to work with.

$reliable: TRUE if the ordering of items and guaranteeing every item executes at least once is important, FALSE if scalability is the main concern.

Return value

The queue object for a given name.

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modules/system/, line 81
Queue functionality.


Factory class for interacting with queues.


public static function get($name, $reliable = FALSE) {
  static $queues;
  if (!isset($queues[$name])) {
    $class = variable_get('queue_class_' . $name, NULL);
    if (!$class) {
      $class = variable_get('queue_default_class', 'SystemQueue');
    $object = new $class($name);
    if ($reliable && !$object instanceof DrupalReliableQueueInterface) {
      $class = variable_get('queue_default_reliable_class', 'SystemQueue');
      $object = new $class($name);
    $queues[$name] = $object;
  return $queues[$name];