public function SystemQueue::createQueue

cis7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()
cle7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()
elmsmedia7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()
icor7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()
meedjum_blog7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()
mooc7 public SystemQueue::createQueue()

Create a queue.

Called during installation and should be used to perform any necessary initialization operations. This should not be confused with the constructor for these objects, which is called every time an object is instantiated to operate on a queue. This operation is only needed the first time a given queue is going to be initialized (for example, to make a new database table or directory to hold tasks for the queue -- it depends on the queue implementation if this is necessary at all).

Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::createQueue


modules/system/, line 276
Queue functionality.


Default queue implementation.


public function createQueue() {
  // All tasks are stored in a single database table (which is created when
  // Drupal is first installed) so there is nothing we need to do to create
  // a new queue.



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