function user_admin_role


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cis7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)
cle7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)
elmsmedia7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)
icor7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)
meedjum_blog7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)
mooc7 user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role)

Form to configure a single role.

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modules/user/, line 951
Admin page callback file for the user module.


function user_admin_role($form, $form_state, $role) {
  if ($role->rid == DRUPAL_ANONYMOUS_RID || $role->rid == DRUPAL_AUTHENTICATED_RID) {

  // Display the edit role form.
  $form['name'] = array(
    '#type' => 'textfield',
    '#title' => t('Role name'),
    '#default_value' => $role->name,
    '#size' => 30,
    '#required' => TRUE,
    '#maxlength' => 64,
    '#description' => t('The name for this role. Example: "moderator", "editorial board", "site architect".'),
  $form['rid'] = array(
    '#type' => 'value',
    '#value' => $role->rid,
  $form['weight'] = array(
    '#type' => 'value',
    '#value' => $role->weight,
  $form['actions'] = array('#type' => 'actions');
  $form['actions']['submit'] = array(
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => t('Save role'),
  $form['actions']['delete'] = array(
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => t('Delete role'),
    '#submit' => array('user_admin_role_delete_submit'),

  return $form;



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