function nodequeue_arrange_subqueue

cis7 nodequeue_arrange_subqueue($queue, $subqueue = NULL)

View the contents of a subqueue, with links to re-order the queue.

1 call to nodequeue_arrange_subqueue()
nodequeue_admin_view in sites/all/modules/local_contrib/nodequeue/includes/
Page callback to view a queue.


sites/all/modules/local_contrib/nodequeue/includes/, line 700
Admin page callbacks for the nodequeue module.


function nodequeue_arrange_subqueue($queue, $subqueue = NULL) {
  // set title and load subqueue if it's not provided
  drupal_set_title(t("Nodequeue '@title'", array('@title' => $queue->title)), PASS_THROUGH);
  if (!$subqueue->sqid) {
    if ($queue->subqueues == 1) {
      $subqueues = nodequeue_load_subqueues_by_queue($queue->qid);
      $subqueue = array_shift($subqueues);
    else {
      return drupal_not_found();
  elseif ($subqueue->sqid) {
    if (!nodequeue_api_subqueue_access($subqueue, NULL, $queue)) {
      return drupal_not_found();
    drupal_set_title(t("Subqueue '@title'", array('@title' => nodequeue_title_substitute($queue->subqueue_title, $queue, $subqueue))), PASS_THROUGH);

  // get nodes from the queue
  $nodes = _nodequeue_dragdrop_get_nodes($queue, $subqueue);

  return drupal_get_form('nodequeue_arrange_subqueue_form_' . $subqueue->sqid, $queue, $nodes, $subqueue);



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