function _addanother_node_add_path

cis7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)
cle7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)
elmsmedia7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)
icor7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)
meedjum_blog7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)
mooc7 addanother.module _addanother_node_add_path($node)

Return the best possible path to provide to the user to create another node.

2 calls to _addanother_node_add_path()
addanother_node_form_submit in sites/all/modules/ulmus/addanother/addanother.module
Submit handler for the 'Save and add another' button. This allows a redirect to be set if this was the button pressed.
theme_addanother_message_message in sites/all/modules/ulmus/addanother/addanother.module
Displays a message and link to the added/edited node after submit


sites/all/modules/ulmus/addanother/addanother.module, line 266
Presents users with an option to create another node of the same type after a node is added.


function _addanother_node_add_path($node) {
  $path = 'node/add/' . _addanother_node_type_url($node->type);
  // If we are coming from a node creation path, re-use the path to save additional variables.
  if (arg(0) == "node" && arg(1) == "add") {
    $path = $_GET['q'];
  return $path;



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