function advagg_get_current_hooks_hash

cis7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()
cle7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()
elmsmedia7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()
icor7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()
meedjum_blog7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()
mooc7 advagg.module advagg_get_current_hooks_hash()

Get the hash of all hooks & settings that affect aggregated files contents.

Return value

string hash value.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/advagg/advagg.module, line 1646
Advanced CSS/JS aggregation module.


function advagg_get_current_hooks_hash() {
  $current_hash = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);

  if (!isset($current_hash)) {
    // Get all advagg hooks and variables in use.
    $aggregate_settings = advagg_current_hooks_hash_array();

    // Generate the hash.
    $current_hash = drupal_hash_base64(serialize($aggregate_settings));

    // Save into variables for verification purposes later on if not found.
    $settings = advagg_get_hash_settings($current_hash);
    if (empty($settings) && lock_acquire(__FUNCTION__, 5)) {
      // Save new hash into.
      advagg_set_hash_settings($current_hash, $aggregate_settings);

      // Release lock.

  return $current_hash;