class backup_migrate_destination_files_manual

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The manual files directory.


Expanded class hierarchy of backup_migrate_destination_files_manual


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
backup_migrate_destination::backup_settings_default function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::backup_settings_form function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::backup_settings_form_submit function Submit the settings form. Any values returned will be saved.
backup_migrate_destination::backup_settings_form_validate function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::can_delete_file function Determine if we can read the given file.
backup_migrate_destination::create function Create a new destination of the correct type. Overrides backup_migrate_item::create
backup_migrate_destination::create_info_file function Create an ini file and write the meta data.
backup_migrate_destination::delete_confirm_message function Get the message to send to the user when confirming the deletion of the item. Overrides backup_migrate_item::delete_confirm_message
backup_migrate_destination::delete_file function Delete the file with the given destination specific id.
backup_migrate_destination::file_cache_clear function Retrieve the file list.
backup_migrate_destination::file_cache_get function Retrieve the file list.
backup_migrate_destination::file_cache_set function Cache the file list.
backup_migrate_destination::file_exists function Check if a file exists in the given destination.
backup_migrate_destination::file_types function
backup_migrate_destination::get_action_links function Get the action links for a destination. Overrides backup_migrate_item::get_action_links
backup_migrate_destination::get_destination_type_name function Get the type name of this destination for display to the user.
backup_migrate_destination::get_display_location function
backup_migrate_destination::get_file_links function Get the action links for a file on a given destination.
backup_migrate_destination::get_list_column_info function Get the columns needed to list the type. Overrides backup_migrate_item::get_list_column_info
backup_migrate_destination::get_list_row function Get a row of data to be used in a list of items of this type. Overrides backup_migrate_item::get_list_row
backup_migrate_destination::get_location function
backup_migrate_destination::get_menu_items function Add the menu items specific to the destination type. Overrides backup_migrate_item::get_menu_items
backup_migrate_destination::get_name function Get the name of the item. Overrides backup_migrate_item::get_name
backup_migrate_destination::list_files function List all the available files in the given destination with their destination specific id.
backup_migrate_destination::load_files_info function Load up the file's metadata from the accompanying .info file if applicable.
backup_migrate_destination::op function Does this destination support the given operation.
backup_migrate_destination::ops function
backup_migrate_destination::remove_op function Remove the given op from the support list.
backup_migrate_destination::restore_settings_default function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::restore_settings_form function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::restore_settings_form_submit function Submit the settings form. Any values returned will be saved.
backup_migrate_destination::restore_settings_form_validate function Get the form for the settings for this filter.
backup_migrate_destination::save_file function Save the given file to the destination.
backup_migrate_destination::save_file_info function Save the file metadata
backup_migrate_destination::settings function
backup_migrate_destination::settings_default function Get the form for the settings for this destination type.
backup_migrate_destination::settings_form function Get the form for the settings for this destination.
backup_migrate_destination::settings_form_submit function Submit the settings form. Any values returned will be saved.
backup_migrate_destination::settings_form_validate function Validate the form for the settings for this destination.
backup_migrate_destination::set_location function
backup_migrate_destination::set_name function
backup_migrate_destination::set_type function
backup_migrate_destination::strings function This function is not supposed to be called. It is just here to help the po extractor out. Overrides backup_migrate_item::strings
backup_migrate_destination::_file_info_file function Create the info file object.
backup_migrate_destination::_file_info_filename function Determine the file name of the info file for a file.
backup_migrate_destination_files::can_read_file function Determine if we can read the given file. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::can_read_file
backup_migrate_destination_files::check_dir function Prepare the destination directory for the backups.
backup_migrate_destination_files::check_web_dir function Check that a web accessible directory has been properly secured, othewise attempt to secure it.
backup_migrate_destination_files::dir_in_webroot function Check if the given directory is within the webroot and is therefore web accessible.
backup_migrate_destination_files::edit_form function Get the form for the settings for the files destination. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::edit_form
backup_migrate_destination_files::edit_form_submit function Submit the form for the settings for the files destination. Overrides backup_migrate_item::edit_form_submit
backup_migrate_destination_files::edit_form_validate function Validate the form for the settings for the files destination. Overrides backup_migrate_item::edit_form_validate
backup_migrate_destination_files::get_filepath function Get the filepath from the given file id.
backup_migrate_destination_files::get_realpath function Get the file location.
backup_migrate_destination_files::load_file function File load destination callback. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::load_file
backup_migrate_destination_files::test_file_readable_remotely function Check if a file can be read remotely via http.
backup_migrate_destination_files::type_name function
backup_migrate_destination_files::_delete_file function File delete destination callback. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::_delete_file
backup_migrate_destination_files::_list_files function File list destination callback. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::_list_files
backup_migrate_destination_files::_save_file function File save destination callback. Overrides backup_migrate_destination::_save_file
backup_migrate_destination_files_manual::__construct function Constructor, set the basic info pulled from the db or generated programatically. Overrides backup_migrate_item::__construct
backup_migrate_item::all_items function Get all of the given items.
backup_migrate_item::decode_db_row function Decode a loaded db row (unserialize necessary fields).
backup_migrate_item::delete function Delete the item from the database.
backup_migrate_item::export function Return as an exported array of values.
backup_migrate_item::from_array function Load an existing item from an array.
backup_migrate_item::generate_id function Return a random (very very likely unique) string id for a new item.
backup_migrate_item::get function Get the member with the given key.
backup_migrate_item::get_actions function Get the rendered action links for a destination.
backup_migrate_item::get_default_values function Get the default values for standard parameters.
backup_migrate_item::get_id function Get the primary id for this item (if any is set).
backup_migrate_item::get_list function Get a table of all items of this type.
backup_migrate_item::get_list_header function Get header for a lost of this type.
backup_migrate_item::get_primary_key function Get the primary key field title from the schema.
backup_migrate_item::get_schema function Get the schema for the item type.
backup_migrate_item::get_serialized_fields function Return the fields which must be serialized before saving to the db.
backup_migrate_item::item function A particular item.
backup_migrate_item::load_row function Load an existing item from an database (serialized) array.
backup_migrate_item::save function Save the item to the database.
backup_migrate_item::set_id function Set the primary id for this item (if any is set).
backup_migrate_item::to_array function Return as an array of values.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/backup_migrate/includes/, line 257
A destination type for saving locally to the server.

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class backup_migrate_destination_files_manual extends backup_migrate_destination_files {
  var $supported_ops = array(
    'manual backup',
    'list files',
  function __construct($params = array()) {
    $dir = 'private://backup_migrate/manual';
    parent::__construct($params + array('location' => $dir, 'name' => t('Manual Backups Directory')));
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