function drupal_ftp_delete_file

cis7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)
cle7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)
elmsmedia7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)
icor7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)
meedjum_blog7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)
mooc7 drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp)

The drupal_ftp_delete_file Function This function attempts to delete a file called $filename from the FTP server.

1 call to drupal_ftp_delete_file()
backup_migrate_destination_ftp::_delete_file in sites/all/modules/ulmus/backup_migrate/includes/
Delete from the ftp destination.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/backup_migrate/includes/, line 360
Functions to handle the FTP backup destination.


function drupal_ftp_delete_file($filename, &$ftp) {
  // Remove the specified file from the FTP server
  if (!@drupal_ftp_connect($ftp)) {
    return FALSE;

  $delete_result = @ftp_delete($ftp->__conn, $filename);

  if ($delete_result == TRUE) {
    // The file/folder was renamed successfully
    return TRUE;
  else {
    // Couldn't delete the selected file
    _backup_migrate_message('FTP Error: Couldn\'t delete the selected file: @filename', array('@filename' => $filename), 'error');
    return FALSE;



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