function bakery_bake_data

cis7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)
cle7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)
elmsmedia7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)
icor7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)
meedjum_blog7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)
mooc7 bakery.module bakery_bake_data($data)

Encrypt and sign data for Bakery transfer.


Array of data to be transferred.:

Return value

String of signed and encrypted data, url safe.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/bakery/bakery.module, line 878


function bakery_bake_data($data) {
  $key = variable_get('bakery_key', '');
  $data = bakery_encrypt(serialize($data));
  $signature = hash_hmac('sha256', $data, $key);
  return base64_encode($signature . $data);



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