function theme_select_as_radios_fieldset

cis7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)
cle7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)
elmsmedia7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)
icor7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)
meedjum_blog7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)
mooc7 better_exposed_filters.theme theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars)

Themes a select element as radio buttons enclosed in a collapsible fieldset.


array $vars: An array of arrays, the 'element' item holds the properties of the element.

Return value

string HTML representing the form element.

1 string reference to 'theme_select_as_radios_fieldset'
better_exposed_filters_theme in sites/all/modules/ulmus/better_exposed_filters/better_exposed_filters.module
Implements hook_theme().
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better_exposed_filters_exposed_form_plugin::exposed_form_alter in sites/all/modules/ulmus/better_exposed_filters/
Tweak the exposed filter form to show Better Exposed Filter options.
better_exposed_filters_theme in sites/all/modules/ulmus/better_exposed_filters/better_exposed_filters.module
Implements hook_theme().


sites/all/modules/ulmus/better_exposed_filters/better_exposed_filters.theme, line 228
Provides theming functions to display exposed forms using different interfaces.


function theme_select_as_radios_fieldset($vars) {
  // Merge incoming element with some default values. Prevents a lot of this.
  // $foo = isset($bar) ? $bar : $bar_default;
  $element = array_merge(array(
    '#bef_title' => '',
    '#bef_description' => '',
    '#bef_operator' => array(),
  ), $vars['element']);

  // The "all" option is the first in the list. If the selected radio button is
  // the all option, then leave the fieldset collapsed.  Otherwise, render it
  // opened.
  $keys = array_keys($element['#options']);
  $all = array_shift($keys);

  $fieldset = array(
    '#title' => $element['#bef_title'],
    '#description' => $element['#bef_description'],
    '#attributes' => array(
      'class' => array(
  if (empty($element['#value'])) {
    // Using the FAPI #collapsible and #collapsed attribute doesn't work here.
    // TODO: not sure why...
    $fieldset['#attributes']['class'][] = 'collapsed';

  // We rendered the description as part of the fieldset element, don't render
  // it again along with the checkboxes.

  $children = '';
  if (!empty($element['#bef_operator'])) {
    // Put an exposed operator inside the fieldset.
    $children = drupal_render($element['#bef_operator']);

  // Render the radio buttons.
  $children .= theme('select_as_radios', $element);

  $fieldset['#children'] = $children;
  return theme('fieldset', array('element' => $fieldset));



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