function context_node_condition

cis7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)
cle7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)
elmsmedia7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)
icor7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)
meedjum_blog7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)
mooc7 context_node_condition(&$node, $op)

Centralized node condition call function for the ever increasing number of ways to get at a node view / node form.

5 calls to context_node_condition()
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sites/all/modules/ulmus/context/, line 167


function context_node_condition(&$node, $op) {
  if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('condition', 'node')) {
    $plugin->execute($node, $op);
  if (module_exists('taxonomy')) {
    if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('condition', 'node_taxonomy')) {
      $plugin->execute($node, $op);
  if (module_exists('book')) {
    if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('condition', 'book')) {
      $plugin->execute($node, $op);
    if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('condition', 'bookroot')) {
      $plugin->execute($node, $op);
  // Allow other plugins to easily be triggered on node-related events.
  drupal_alter('context_node_condition', $node, $op);