function context_get_plugin

cis7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)
cle7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)
icor7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)
mooc7 context.module context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE)

Get a plugin handler.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/context/context.module, line 475


function context_get_plugin($type = 'condition', $key, $reset = FALSE) {
  static $cache = array();
  if (!isset($cache[$type][$key]) || $reset) {
    switch ($type) {
      case 'condition':
        $registry = context_conditions();
      case 'reaction':
        $registry = context_reactions();
    if (isset($registry[$key], $registry[$key]['plugin'])) {
      $info = $registry[$key];
      $plugins = ctools_get_plugins('context', 'plugins');
      if (isset($plugins[$info['plugin']]) && $class = ctools_plugin_get_class($plugins[$info['plugin']], 'handler')) {
        // Check that class exists until CTools & registry issues are resolved.
        if (class_exists($class)) {
          $cache[$type][$key] = new $class($key, $info);
  return isset($cache[$type][$key]) ? $cache[$type][$key] : FALSE;



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