function ctools_context_convert_context

cis7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())
cle7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())
elmsmedia7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())
icor7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())
meedjum_blog7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())
mooc7 ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array())

Let the context convert an argument based upon the converter that was given.


$context: The context object

$converter: The converter to use, which should be a string provided by the converter list.

$converter_options: A n array of options to pass on to the generation function. For contexts that use token module, of particular use is 'sanitize' => FALSE which can get raw tokens. This should ONLY be used in values that will later be treated as unsafe user input since these values are by themselves unsafe. It is particularly useful to get raw values from Field API.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/ctools/includes/, line 523
Contains code related to the ctools system of 'context'.


function ctools_context_convert_context($context, $converter, $converter_options = array()) {
  // Contexts without plugins might be optional placeholders.
  if (empty($context->plugin)) {

  $value = $context->argument;
  $plugin = ctools_get_context($context->plugin);
  if ($function = ctools_plugin_get_function($plugin, 'convert')) {
    $value = $function($context, $converter, $converter_options);

  foreach (module_implements('ctools_context_converter_alter') as $module) {
    $function = $module . '_ctools_context_converter_alter';
    $function($context, $converter, $value, $converter_options);

  return $value;



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