function ctools_export_crud_load_all


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cis7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)
cle7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)
icor7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)
mooc7 ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE)

Load all exportable objects of a given type.


$table: The name of the table to use to retrieve $schema values. This table must have an 'export' section containing data or this function will fail.

$reset: If TRUE, the static cache of all objects will be flushed prior to loading all. This can be important on listing pages where items might have changed on the page load.

Return value

An array of all loaded objects, keyed by the unique IDs of the export key.

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Contains code to make it easier to have exportable objects.


function ctools_export_crud_load_all($table, $reset = FALSE) {
  $schema = ctools_export_get_schema($table);
  if (empty($schema['export'])) {
    return array();

  $export = $schema['export'];

  if ($reset) {

  if (!empty($export['load all callback']) && function_exists($export['load all callback'])) {
    return $export['load all callback']($reset);
  else {
    return ctools_export_load_object($table, 'all');



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