function views_content_views_content_type_content_types

cis7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)
cle7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)
elmsmedia7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)
icor7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)
meedjum_blog7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)
mooc7 views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin)

Return all content types available.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/ctools/views_content/plugins/content_types/, line 38
Content type plugin to expose all views as content.


function views_content_views_content_type_content_types($plugin) {
  $types = array();
  // It can be fairly intensive to calculate this, so let's cache this in the
  // cache_views table. The nice thing there is that if views ever change, that
  // table will always be cleared. Except for the occasional default view, so
  // we must use the Views caching functions in order to respect Views caching
  // settings.
  $data = views_cache_get('views_content_all', TRUE);
  if (!empty($data->data)) {
    $types = $data->data;

  if (empty($types)) {
    $views = views_get_all_views();

    foreach ($views as $view) {
      if (empty($view->disabled)) {
        $types[$view->name] = _views_content_views_content_type($view);

    views_cache_set('views_content_all', $types, TRUE);

  return $types;