class EntityDBExtendable

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Expanded class hierarchy of EntityDBExtendable


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Entity::$defaultLabel protected property
Entity::$entityInfo protected property
Entity::$entityType protected property
Entity::$idKey protected property
Entity::buildContent public function Builds a structured array representing the entity's content.
Entity::bundle public function Returns the bundle of the entity.
Entity::defaultLabel protected function Defines the entity label if the 'entity_class_label' callback is used.
Entity::defaultUri protected function Override this in order to implement a custom default URI and specify 'entity_class_uri' as 'uri callback' hook_entity_info().
Entity::delete public function Permanently deletes the entity.
Entity::entityInfo public function Returns the info of the type of the entity.
Entity::entityType public function Returns the type of the entity.
Entity::export public function Exports the entity.
Entity::getTranslation public function Gets the raw, translated value of a property or field.
Entity::hasStatus public function Checks if the entity has a certain exportable status.
Entity::identifier public function Returns the entity identifier, i.e. the entities name or numeric id.
Entity::internalIdentifier public function Returns the internal, numeric identifier.
Entity::isDefaultRevision public function Checks whether the entity is the default revision.
Entity::label public function Returns the label of the entity.
Entity::save public function Permanently saves the entity.
Entity::setUp protected function Set up the object instance on construction or unserializiation.
Entity::uri public function Returns the uri of the entity just as entity_uri().
Entity::view public function Generate an array for rendering the entity.
Entity::__construct public function Creates a new entity.
Entity::__sleep public function Magic method to only serialize what's necessary.
Entity::__wakeup public function Magic method to invoke setUp() on unserialization.


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Provides a base class for entities.

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class EntityDBExtendable extends Entity {
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