function entity_get_all_property_info

cis7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)
cle7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)
elmsmedia7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)
icor7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)
meedjum_blog7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)
mooc7 entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL)

Gets an array of info about all properties of a given entity type.

In contrast to entity_get_property_info(), this function returns info about all properties the entity might have, thus it adds an all properties assigned to entity bundles.


$entity_type: (optiona) The entity type to return properties for.

Return value

An array of info about properties. If the type is ommitted, all known properties are returned.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/entity/includes/, line 75
Provides API functions around hook_entity_property_info(). Also see, which cares for providing entity property info for all core entity types.


function entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type = NULL) {
  if (!isset($entity_type)) {
    // Retrieve all known properties.
    $properties = array();
    foreach (entity_get_info() as $entity_type => $info) {
      $properties += entity_get_all_property_info($entity_type);
    return $properties;
  // Else retrieve the properties of the given entity type only.
  $info = entity_get_property_info($entity_type);
  $info += array(
    'properties' => array(),
    'bundles' => array(),
  // Add all bundle properties.
  foreach ($info['bundles'] as $bundle => $bundle_info) {
    $bundle_info += array('properties' => array());
    $info['properties'] += $bundle_info['properties'];
  return $info['properties'];